EASY view 3D

3D video microscope

whenever magnification makes work easy

4 reasons why a video microscope
makes your work easier

1. Support for daily processing of classically fabricated and digitally manufactured precision work

  • ƒƒProcessing of plaster dies, e.g. exposing the preparation margin
  • Fitting and finishing crown and bridge frameworks
  • Waxing margins
  • Waxing-up crowns and bridge
  • Finishing/thinning crown margins
  • Veneering frameworks in ceramic or composite
  • Completing and/or finishing prosthetic work

2. Reliable quality control and quality management

Reliable quality control and quality management within the various workflows in the laboratory (from incoming work control, to production control in all processing steps up to the final control) including simple
and fast documentation.

  • Checking impressions, e.g. before they are cast in plaster
  • Checking plaster models
  • ƒƒChecking wax-ups (edges, fitting accuracy, etc.)

3. Quick and easy communication with the dental practice, patients and specialists

  • ƒƒDiscussing work/working steps with employees, colleagues, trainees, etc.
  • ƒƒFor visualization and communication in training, apprenticeships, courses and presentations in the laboratory, at trade exhibitions or in course and training centers

4. Creation of photos and video sequences

  • Creating photos
  • ƒƒƒƒCreating video sequences for communication via multimedia (e.g. Facebook, YouTube)