EASY view 3D

Innovative Dental Viewer
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Precise & reliable:

15x and 20x magnification in 2D or 3D mode.

Ultra-high definition:

Image reproduction on a 21.5-inch full HD 3D monitor.

All details at a glance:

The passive polarization glasses enable precise 3D viewing and are well suited for persons wearing glasses.

EASYview 3D
Innovative Dental Viewer

“Making work easy” for dental technicians is our mission at Renfert. With our new EASY view 3D Dental Viewer, we have developed an innovative video microscope with a 3D monitor that achieves this objective from a whole range of different perspectives. EASY view 3D helps users maintain an ergonomic posture while enabling fast, direct communication between technicians, the lab and the dentist’s practice as well. Renfert’s EASY view 3D Dental Viewer is not only ideally suited for viewing objects, for routine processing and quality control, but equally useful for educational, training and documentation purposes.

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„making work easy“ fact 01:

Total overview –
total control

The EASY view 3D’s three-dimensional mode enables easy and natural hand-eye coordination. Its three-dimensional spatial representation is perfect for critically examining work objects. This helps streamline your entire production process and makes many routine tasks, like finishing and performing quality checks, much more precise. Depending on the indication, a simple mouse click lets you toggle between the 3D and 2D modes. The 2D mode is ideal for checking and viewing objects.

„perfect view“ is ensured thanks todaylight LED’s with 5.000 Kelvin

Precise work under 15x/20x magnification

Material-optimized image reproduction through 4 different object modes. Toggle through the different modes by mouse click.

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C mode (Ceramic)
M mode (Metal)
S mode (Standard)
N mode (Neutral)

„making work easy“ fact 02:

Work the ergonomic way

A dental technician’s work assumes a new dimension with the EASY view 3D Dental Viewer. The ultimate workplace ergonomics enable a sustained natural and healthy posture. This enhances the users’ well-being and performance. The flexible boom arm can be adjusted to any work situation and object. The monitor has been especially developed for system compatibility and ensures sharp high-definition image reproduction. Positioned behind the object, the monitor is ergonomically and ideally located for an unobstructed view of the work object. The system is conveniently operated by mouse and footswitch, thereby ensuring a relaxed and healthy working posture.

Normal  work posture
EASYview 3D working posture

„making work easy“ fact 03:

Quick communication
with hand or foot

The easy-to-use and intuitive functionality of the EASY view 3D Dental Viewer helps you document work, share information and data with your team as well as the dentist’s practice. Catch the monitor image by footswitch and store the screenshot on the USB stick or send it via LAN connection to your PC. Images and video sequences are stored in 2D mode.

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Optimized viewing

By moving the EASY view 3D head on the boom arm and using the fine-focus knob, you can optimally adjust your desired viewing area to objects of every shape and size.

Perfect visualization & lighting

A simple mouse click helps you toggle between the 3D and 2D modes. With the help of a mouse click you can also select from the 4 different object modes for optimal image reproduction. That means you always get perfect image reproduction for every object, regardless of whether you are working with ceramic, metal, gypsum, wax or other materials.

Documentation & Storage

With the help of the footswitch you can easily make a screen shot and document your work. The data is stored on Easy view 3D’s USB stick. Send it quick an easy via LAN connection to your PC.

Experience the fascination live …
Visit Renfert at a show or event in your proximity and experience the new EASY view 3D

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